Schubert – Arperggione Sonate, part 1

online now – listen and enjoy !!

with my wonderful partner Daniel Heide

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19th of September, 10pm,

Interview with Moderator Stefan Lang at DLF Kultur

Die besondere Aufnahmeaufnehmen

Jean Rivier und Fernand de La Tombelle Streichquartette
Mandelring Quartett
Produktion: 2018 / 2020 Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Brahms, Op. 120 Nr. 1, erster Satz Allegro appassionato

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From July  20th – August 1th 2020, Andreas Willwohl will be giving a masterclass in SALZBURG. You will find all information and online application on http:


Upcoming Dates


looking forward to be back in VADUZ/ Liechtenstein- Masterclass from July 4th-11th 2020. You will find all information and online application on

looking forward to play 3 concerts at the 50th Anniversary of the Goethe Institute with Christoph Poppen and friends on 20th and 21th of October 2018 at Seoul Arts Center

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looking forward to play concerts at the Piedicavallo Festival in Italy on 3th and 5th of August 2018

For further inquiries contact Piedicavallo festival

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Pennies from Heaven

Album Release – November 2020

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Flute Quartets for Pentatone

Ulf-Dieter Schaaff | Philipp Beckert | Andreas Willwohl | Georg Boge